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Famous Monuments in India – Sun Temple, Konark

Sun Temple situated in Konark, Orissa. It is an ancient Hindu temple it has become the most famous and beautiful attractions of Orissa. Sun temple konark is the one of the great Indian Monument Attractions. The temple is one of the most renowned temples in India and is a World Heritage Site. It is one of the Seven Wonders of India. The temple was built within the 13th century by the King Narasimhadeo. Sun Temple can also be known as ‘Black Pagoda’ because it is built by using black granite. The temple focused on Sun God was build like a chariot to him with wheels on every side of the temple. It’s one from the earliest places where Sun God was worshiped.

 Indian Monument Attractions - Sun temple, konark

Today some parts of the temple have reached ruins. Konark used to be an active port and several ships came and went. To Europeans, it served like a landmark that started calling the temple Black Pagoda. Sun Temple is very beautiful temple and if you visit the temple you can experience the very peaceful environment. This sun temple is marvel among the other temples and it has been the inspiration for a lot of writers and poets. Numerous books and articles associated with its background and architecture happen to be written.

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The sun temple of Konark is beautifully situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Konark is an excellent collection of traditional architecture and stunning natural atmosphere. A pleasing temple at a sauntering expanse from the beach bluster the deluxe of the conventional Indian architecture and art, which holds ones, breathe. Indian Monument Attractions are worth to visit. Konark is a place where the poetry carved stone temples wins ones heart with its impressive appeal. Among other attractions of the place are Konark Beach and the Konark Dance Festival.

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The architecture of Sun Temple symbolizes the passage of time which according to Hindus is under the control of sun god. Sun Temple is really a type of Vahana (vehicle) style because it is the same shape as a chariot. The seven horses, which pull the temple towards the East into the dawn, it represent days of a week, the twelve pairs of wheels which represent twelve months of a year and the eight spokes in each of the wheels symbolize the eight stages of a woman’s day. The roof of the Sun Temple has three tiers covered in statues of musicians and dancers offering prayer to the sun god. The ideal time to visit konark is between the months of October to March.  Never miss to visit this spiritual place. Plan a tour to Indian Monument Attractions and explore the beauty of the temple.